Played by: Edith Surreal
Pronouns: She/her
nicknames: The Ephemeral Queen, The Exhibition of Intrigue
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 5’11”
Pro debut: February 2018
Ephemeral art only lasts for a short amount of time. The term is usually used to describe a work of art that only occurs once, like a happening, and cannot be embodied in any lasting object to be shown in a museum or gallery.
Worldwide Dojo
(August 2020—Present)
The Wrestle Factory
(Jan 2016—July 2020)
—Orange Cassidy

—World Famous CB
—Drew Gulak
—Chuck Taylor
—Mike Quackenbush
Home promotions
—Paris is Bumping
—Beyond Wrestling
—Camp Leapfrog
—Enjoy Wrestling
—CHIKARA Young Lions Cup XV Tournament Champion
—2020 Camp Leapfrog Christmas Trios Champion (w/ Molly McCoy & Boomer Hatfield)
—PWI 500 2020 (#365)
—PWTorch 2020 Glitter Bombs Match of the Year nominee (v. Dark Sheik)
Signature moves
—The Statement (Pumphandle piledriver)
—The Prism (Pinning combination)
—Fruit Rollup (Oklahoma Roll variation)
—Fruit by the Foot (Springboard dropkick)
—Melon Baller (DDT variation)